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This is the means of communication from original language to other languages. Translation Services at Transword helps its clients to achieve their goal of expressing their content to the respective clients in their respective languages. Translation Services by Transword  helps in changing the content of documents like brochures, pamplets, official documents, advertisments etc in the specified language.

Transword  has dedicated team of certified language experts, who take care of syntax and semantics of the professional documents. We also certify the documents for 100% accuracy.


Transword  is a talent pool of certified language experts and multi-lingual experts. It provides interpretation services in all major languages from all major languages. The professional at Transword  are trained to handle delegates from foreign countries and embassy representatives. Transword  also arranges interpretation resource all over the country to cater the need of clients residing in non-metro cities and other industrial areas.


Nobody is untouched in this connected world of computers. We all know that all softwares programming languages use “English” as typing language but the software product which comes out of it is customised to cater all countries and all languages. This customisation of computer softwares in other languages of the world is known as Localization. Transword  is a brand name in Software Localization. It is equipped to to handle software, online games, and website Localization.

Content Writing

The advertising world in India is getting projects from all over the world which are multi-lingual in nature. To write region-specific content, Transword provides content-writing services in all the major language of the world.


Sometimes the drafted by companies are not at par with the international standard. Transword provides editing solutions to its clients by certified language experts.

While editing the text Transword  specialize in reforming and correcting Spelling, Grammer, Punchuation, Word usage, Sentence Structure, Capitalization, Correct use of abbreviations, checking consistency of information, checking text formatting.


Any piece of writing that contains spelling errors, poor punchuation and awkward sentence structure confines the smooth flow of reading, and mistakes in spelling, grammer and punchuation immediately give a impression of un-professionalism. To make the writing error-free and make it look professional, Transword  offers Proof-reading services in all the major languages of the world.

Voice Over

A production technique where a non-diagetic voice is broadcast live or pre-recorded in radio, television, film, theater or presentation.

Transword  is a talent pool of language experts, who help the multi national companies in advertisiing and narration in a multi-lingual environment. The voice-over facility is offered by Transword throughout the country in all the major languages in the world.


It is process of recording or replacing voices for a motion picture. For a advertising campaign, where the video is universal all the countries and voice is changed according to region and country, dubbing is the process which helps advertisers cut down the cost and have a universal appeal at the same time.

Transword , which is pool of language a experts provides one stop solutions to its clients looking for dubbing facility in various languages.


Today the world is coming closer, people are travelling to know the world, businessess are not limited to boundries of a country. To expand a business beyond a country, companies face the barrier of languages. A simple board-room meeting , needs language experts to translate the conversation between client and service provider.

Language experts become a key in deal-making. This conference service sometimes happens online via electronic medias as well. Transword  excels in providing language resources to all kind of Companies and Government Organizations for conference Facility.
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